5 Ways to Revamp Family Time

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Family time reboot!

Here are 5 ways you can mix up family time…

Family Paint Night

It doesn’t matter if you or your family has any artistic ability, you can have a blast working together to find a picture online to paint! Grab some cheap canvas’s of any size and some basic paint colors for this family night in! Check out your local paint night places for painting ideas, too. One of you can pretend to be the instructor and the rest have to follow all directions. When you’re done, find a nice place to have a mini art show!

Cook a family meal

My oldest daughter has gotten super into cooking. My husband has trained her on the basics and we got her a Raddish Kids Subscription, too. By following the recipes and shopping lists provided by Raddish Kids we have found a great way to spend time together. There’s enough to do for everyone to help! Now that we have the bug, we cook many meals together, from appetizers to desserts, and our children are learning some long ago family recipes!

Act out a play

Full disclosure – we are an outgoing, theatrical family to begin with, but even if you’re not you can make up any play that calls to you.  Plan with your kids – they’ll come up with characters, a setting, and a conflict. Guide them as necessary. We often have to teach our girls to make sure the story has an ending! We are known for our marathon plays.  Grab any furniture, clothes and stuff around the house for the extras!

Put on a concert

Pick your favorite songs, load them up on you tube if you don’t have a karaoke machine, and get ready for some fun! Create a faux stage complete with curtains, fake microphones (or if you have a game console like the Wii you can get some and use that too), and rockin’ costumes. Get creative and you’ll discover that you each have your own concert style!

Retro game night

We love good old-fashioned game night. So many game companies have now put out “retro” versions of their games, including Clue, Monopoly, Life and others. Break out some old favorites of yours and share them with the kids. They’ll love it!


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