Hi, all! I’m Lauren… a wife, a mom, a teacher…and now a blogger! I am thrilled to be reaching out to other parents and teachers out there hoping to share whatever wisdom I’ve gained over the years!

Some little tidbits about me:

I have two amazing daughters who keep me laughing all day and an amazingly supportive husband!

I love: coffee, books, coffee, shoes, sunshine, laughing, coffee (any Lorelei fans out there?)... and teaching!! I have been a special education teacher for 17 years and have dedicated my career to helping all children grow and realize that they are capable of great things. I have worked with all types of learners and as education is evolving I am looking to teach moms how to help support their children at home!

Click through this site to find information for you as a mom to help keep you smiling, content and hopefully make life a little easier. I’ll be throwing in my two cents on great books for you to read when you have time… as well as help you find time to read!

You’ll also find information on education – what can you do at home to help your child study? Organize? Plan? Manage time? Find great books to read? And much more!

And if you’re wondering about the name of this website - Coconut and Pineapple are the adorable nicknames my sister gave each of my daughters when they were born. I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this site to the little darlings who changed my life.