What I “Forget” to Spring Clean

Spring is in the air! When I looked out the window on April 1, I found that Mother Nature was once again showing me who is boss. Beautiful, fluffy snow was falling to the ground (8 inches that day!), and I internally wept as I feared that spring would never come! Why did I bother to Read More

5 Ways to Revamp Family Time

Family time reboot! Here are 5 ways you can mix up family time… Family Paint Night It doesn’t matter if you or your family has any artistic ability, you can have a blast working together to find a picture online to paint! Grab some cheap canvas’s of any size and some basic paint colors for this Read More

Working Memory Games the Family Can Play Together

What is Working Memory? Working memory is your ability to take in new information, manipulate it in your head then use it again when completing tasks. It is instrumental for your child’s life as this impacts their ability to take in and process new information. Everyone has a different capacity for working memory, however, there are Read More