What I “Forget” to Spring Clean

Spring is in the air!

When I looked out the window on April 1, I found that Mother Nature was once again showing me who is boss. Beautiful, fluffy snow was falling to the ground (8 inches that day!), and I internally wept as I feared that spring would never come! Why did I bother to pack up the snow gear?

But, alas, spring has finally arrived and that last storm melted quickly. Now my husband is planning his outdoor projects, my daughters wake up bright-eyed with the bountiful sun, and I am noticing all the places we need to spring clean.

Sure, we a  ll think to clean out the garage, basement, office, but there are definitely some places that are neglected. I sometimes “forget” to tackle these areas this time of year. Let’s see if you’ve “forgotten” too!


Throughout winter I will stock up and the pantry can become a mess.  As we shop we push items to the back and they become long forgotten.

Take this time to sort out canned goods, cereal and throw out the 2016 expiration dates!

Backpacks/Lockers/Binderslocker cleanout

Every April I take my students to their lockers for a massive clean out. The amount of food, water bottles, exploded pens and crumpled papers found would shock you. The same goes for backpacks and binders.

Knowing children all too well, I also apply this to my own children at home. Time to face the school pile up!

Clean out and Febreeze the backpacks, and if your child has a locker, take a ride to school to clean it out or have your child do it themselves.

Empty out the binders and notebooks and file or throw away unneeded papers. Only keep in the materials your child needs for this last stretch of
the school year.


Toys, coloring books, crayons, Legos, paint…the list is endless. I have sorting baskets and shelves galore that can hide the massive amountPlayroom, spring cleaning of mess and objects in the play areas of the house. Admittedly, I avoid the toy clean out because my youngest doesn’t want to part with even the scrap of paper she drew a smiley face on three years ago. We’re working on that J

So I plan to sit the girls down and go through each toy, game and art supply. Give away gently used toys to kids who need them and get some bins for the sentimental items. I’ll have many of those…

Windows and Window Sills

The only things I dislike cleaning more than bathrooms are windows! I can procrastinate no more. It is time.  Designate a few rooms a weekend and don’t forget those sills that gather dust and dirt throughout the winter!

Now finish cleaning and get out there to enjoy spring!window washing, spring cleaning

Goodbye snow, hello sunshine!

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