Proactive vs. Reactive Schoolwork

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Take a look at how your child manages his/her school work. Do they seem to always be in catch up mode? Do they sometimes not understand what needs to be done? How often do you have to guide and help your child manage his/her work or time?

It is important to understand the proactive vs. reactive work idea and teach your child to always try to be proactive when it comes to school and assignments.

Reactive Work

This is the work we try to avoid. Many students get caught in a cycle of last minute work. Often this is work they forgot or work that is late or was due that day.

To not worry about reactive work we must teach children to be PROACTIVE!

Proactive Work

Have your child keep track of all assignments in a planner/agenda and check it daily as part of an after school routine.

Develop an after school routine with your child that fits the family schedule and will give him/her some break time, as well.

Talk to your child. If clarification on assignments is needed, email the teacher to ask if they can be more specific.  Coach your child as well on self-advocacy.  One idea is to role play as teacher and student.  You can be the teacher and have your child practice appropriate ways to ask for help or to elaborate on directions. This is an extremely important skill for your child to develop as they get older.

Ask for advanced information as needed. For example, ask for vocabulary or spelling words in advance if your child seems to need more time for studying and retention.  This way your child will have time to preview the information before it is started in class. The more engagement your child has with new information the greater their comprehension and ability to use the information.



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