Working Memory Games the Family Can Play Together

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What is Working Memory?

Working memory is your ability to take in new information, manipulate it in your head then use it again when completing tasks. It is instrumental for your child’s life as this impacts their ability to take in and process new information.

Everyone has a different capacity for working memory, however, there are some super fun games you can play as a family to strengthen working memory.

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Three awesome working memory games:

Stare, Jr.

Stare, Jr. is a game of concentration, determination and imagination. It will strengthen your working memory and visualization skills. One player takes a card with a picture on it and has 30 seconds to study that picture. When time is up the player to the left takes the card asks questions about the image. Lots of laughs as the players try to remember the finer details!

Stare Jr, Working memory gamesDistraction

This fast paced game challenges mom and dad, too! Each player is given cards with either numbers or a “distraction” on them. Each player in turn flips over a card on a pile in the middle then needs to recite all the numbers in the pile that came before it. The only number you see is the one you placed down! If you flip over a distraction card you need to do what it says before you recite the sequence!

Last Letter Card Game

This fast paced game not only improves your working memory, but also enhances vocabulary, creativity and problem solving. Each player gets 5 cards. The dealer flips one card over and calls out a word from that picture. The players have to spell the word (mentally or out loud), figure out its last letter and then look for a word on one of their cards that starts with the last letter of the word that’s called. You’ll experience many laughs as people mistakenly find words with the first letter instead!

If you have a child who doesn’t like competition games, like I do, then these working memory games also great choices because you can work together and build collaborative skills to meet each games objectives. For example, you can study each card as a family an answer questions as a group or work together to remember the sequence of numbers. Fun for everyone!

Happy playing!

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